April 2010

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Tips using Firebug Lite and Full Screen with jsFiddle

Elijah (@elijahmanor) has written a good HowTo article about using the FirebugLite with jsFiddle. He used jQuery, but it is definitely replicable in Vanilla Javascript. It would be even better if the script would work on click of a button which would dynamically inject FirebugLite into the result Iframe. Would it be possible without polluting the result code?


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MooTools newest beta on jsFiddle!

Go - check your code and report bugs (if any) http://jsfiddle.net/zalun/VB2tC/

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http://tap.info/group/jsFiddle for live discussion

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"Fiddling on the Edge" Part 3. Try out Prototype 1.7 RC1 + Scripty2


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March 2010

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Disqus powered comments implemented on jsFiddle

You simply have to check it out - http://jsfiddle.net

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We’ve just added a brand new, shinny, TidyUp button - no more messy code! Check it out! jsfiddle http://jsfiddle.net

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OOP v Javascriptu - I - Jak funguje objektově orientované programování v Javascriptu? http://zdrojak.root.cz/clanky/oop-v-javascriptu-i/

Design updated

Phiddle - a PHP Wrapper for jsFiddle

Written by fate - we see a great future for this tool!

Main page (examples): http://fate.github.com/Phiddle/

Fork the http://github.com/fate/Phiddle and contribute to develop Wordpress plugin now!

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New API! displaying demo lists

see example: http://jsfiddle.net/oskar/mwJWb/

Clean JSON: jsfiddle.net/api/user/oskar/demo/list.json
Xdomain: jsfiddle.net/api/user/oskar/demo/list.json?callback=jsFiddleAPI

One may also limit the number of responses by using GET variable limit:

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List user-fiddles using our provisional API


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Our “Fiddler on the Edge” saga continues. MooTools 1.3pre is supported.

Fiddle it: http://jsfiddle.net/zalun/NEyfs/

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Fiddling on the edge - jQuery nightly build supported


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fixed linking with jQueryLint library.
it’s now available on all supported jQuery versions

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February 2010

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We're supporting @RaphaelJS 1.3.1


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We're now supporting ProcessingJS 0.6

http://jsfiddle.net/ And choose Processing.js 0.6 to fiddle with this awesome framework!

Thanks for the tip RegnerischerTag !

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A "tidy up" bookmarklet!

Just for you, early adopters.


Create bookmark and place this code as the URL. Enjoy!

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We’ve fixed the annoying YUI3 onLoad/onDomready bug. Thanks to derek. jsFiddle truly supports YUI3 from now.

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We're supporting ExtJS Core 3.1.0

As requested - http://ping.fm/Xa577

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We've been featured over at Ajaxian!


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jsFiddle è stato usato nello screencast http://bit.ly/axfeRR “Introduzione a jQuery” di http://bit.ly/caludio

Ryan Florence compares Mootools 1.2 and jQuery 1.4 using a lot of embedded jsFiddle


We're now supporting jQuery 1.4.2.


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