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Jun 01

User’s fiddles API refreshed!

Check the DOC: API doc.

Perfect for bloggers!

May 15

Fiddler on the edge - Mootools 1.3 nightly


May 12

Fiddler on the edge - Dojo 1.5.0b2!



May 11

Demos prepared for “Programming to Patterns”

Slides in PDF.

May 07

Raphael 1.4 is now available

http://jsFiddle.net updated!
Take a look at the new touch events http://ping.fm/QxUdL

We are sponsoring - London AJAX User Group : AJAX and the Open Web in 2010, Programming To Patterns

11th of May, London



Apr 28

Tips using Firebug Lite and Full Screen with jsFiddle

Elijah (@elijahmanor) has written a good HowTo article about using the FirebugLite with jsFiddle. He used jQuery, but it is definitely replicable in Vanilla Javascript. It would be even better if the script would work on click of a button which would dynamically inject FirebugLite into the result Iframe. Would it be possible without polluting the result code?